Our Yonkers headquarters is home to our business, design, and production teams. It is also a laboratory for new, experimental ways of making; pushing the boundaries of materials to achieve new,  jaw-dropping effects and surfaces.

Inspired by nature and compelled by the unexpected, we hone these experiments into designs that invite an element of chance, making each and every thing we produce unique.


The online catalogue is only the beginning. In addition to an extensive collection of highly customizable fabrics and wallcoverings, we specialize in project-specific solutions and one-of-a-kind art pieces for the interior designer.

A collaboration from concept to completion, our “raw material” is finished when it joins the living space. 


Visit a showroom or contact a representative near you for a sales call. If you are located outside a representative territory, contact our headquarters to work with our staff directly.

We are committed to personal customer service, on-time delivery, and the highest quality standards. We look forward to developing original visual solutions for your interior project.